ZenOK Antivirus Free Download

By | April 4, 2015

ZenOk Antivirus Free Download and Review

If you own a PC, or you’ve used one before, you know the feeling of being deceived when something pops up on your screen with blinding colors, telling you how you’ve just won the latest iPhone or even a lottery. All kinds of viruses, trojans, spyware, malware and bots are bothersome, and even deadly when it comes to the health of your computer.

ZenOk Antivirus Free Download

Download: Download ZenOK Antivirus for FREE

ZenOK Antivirus screenshot

The latest version has a few updates that will excite you. We’re talking of a nice toolbar, a new installer, a tutorial wizard, constant automatic updates, and a slightly upgraded GUI. Again, according to what Wilders Security Forum says, the latest upgrade of this program uses Bit-defender scanning engine. What this means is that one can expect some really good virus detection capabilities.

Once the download is complete, you realize that the installation process is quick and straightforward. The applications will potentially detect any conflicting files and offer you the option of removing them. But there’s also an option to ignore and continue without removing any of these programs. Once you are through, the installer will prompt you to restart your PC.

The program should display a useful tutorial highlighting how it works. An initial scan will automatically start to update your PC. What’s more, the program will prompt you to back up any important files you may be having in your computer at the time.

ZenOk Antivirus Features

Multi-layered protection block

It doesn’t have any loopholes for viruses to invade your computer. The publisher used a special multi-layered block to protect users from all sorts of viruses, including Facebook trojans and on-line banking worms.

Social network protection

With this program, you’ll be safe from phishing attacks, and your system will be safe in general. The latest version (which is also available in trial version) will prevent you from unseen software vulnerabilities.

Secure Toolbar

With this program, your web browsing should be safe and secure. This is assured through leading industry security protocols and systems preventing fraud and malware. An address field will be displayed to show the level of your protection.


It scans in real time to optimize your protection. It only uses 0.1% of your PC’s resources since it consumes 44MB and installs in 10 seconds flat.

Performance Check

You can check the overall performance of your PC with a ZenOk Antivirus Free Download.


This program requires windows XP service pack 2 or higher.


ZenOk Antivirus offers protection far above what an average antivirus can do. The latest version contains a default virus database, which aims at improving the speed of download. This is good news for people who want speed, while still being protected from the malice of the internet.

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