How to Start Safe Mode on Windows 8 (Tutorial)

By | July 13, 2013

How to Start Safe Mode on Windows 8

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There are little bit difference between windows 7 or windows 8 “advanced boot option”, windows 8 have new boot loader that can start it very fast than Windows 7, in order to start Safe Mode  in windows 8, there is the same key “F8” to bring up the advanced boot option but the option are different. Please follow the below step by step instructions to do this. Since computer viruses on windows 8 will continue to increase.

In this article you found how you can boot as safe mode Windows 8. Safe mode is required when you are blocked by virus and you need to unblocked this. when you starting your computer, you have to tapping the F8 key for change the mode. now after that you get start windows 8 with safe mode.

Instructions to boot windows 8 in safemode

Push the power button of computer to start it and at the same moment need to “Hold the Shift Button + tapping the “F8″ key” until you get the “Recovery screen” screen. in that screen click on the button “See advanced repair option”  then you get another screen “choose an option” screen then click on “troubleshoot” on there, you will get Troubleshoot screen then click on “advanced option”, In the “advanced option” click on “Windows startup setting”, Now you need to click on restart. then your computer will automatically restart and you will get the screen “advance boot option” then choose safemode and hit enter.

That’s it

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