Spice Dream UNO Review (Android-ONE Phone)

By | September 20, 2014

Spice Dream UNO is one of the latest Androidone version to hit the market from Google. It works very well and uses the latest 4.4.4 android KitKat. This android phone will automatically update itself to new versions for the next two years making it to keep in touch with any change in technology. The Android-one is sometimes called the mi-498 and helps the phone work much faster. With powerful features, one is given the opportunity to capture high quality photos. The 5 MP cameras take high quality photos with another 2 MP front camera that can be used for video calling. Spice Dream UNO Review (Adroid-one Phone).

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Spice Dream UNO phone has worked wonders allowing people to enjoy an amazing viewing experience. The IPS display is 11.43cms with a powerful resolution of 480 by 854 pixels. The makes the screen views to be vivid with very nice viewing angles. The storage is also amazing. There is a 15GB free Google cloud storage with another 10 GB from spice enabling people to store all their files within the phone. The touch screen is enhanced and can browse without any difficulties. The processor of this phone is 1.3GHz quad core that makes it possible for people to multitask with easy. One can check emails while at the same time playing games. Personally I can rate the Spice Dream UNO 5 stars due to the fact that it automatically updates versions for the next two years.


1.3 GHz Quad Core Processor

The 1.3 GHZ makes the phone run fast enough enabling user to multitask with easy. One does not have to worry about the loading speed as this phones work works very fast giving users an enjoyable experience.

Dual Sim

Rarely will you get a good android phone that gives users the chance to use two GSM sim cards. People with more than one sim card will don’t have the worry about being off or just carrying two phones around. The dual sim ability does not affect how the phone works. The internet speed still remains high which is unlike other dual sim phones you will get in the market.

5 MP rear Camera and a 2 MP front Camera

The 5 Camera is the primary camera and is used to take quality photos. It is placed at the back of the phone and one can take photos at any time of the day with multiple features that that allows one to adjust to any form of weather. The front 2 MP camera acts as the secondary camera and is mostly used to make video calls.

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Android-one OS – Android v4.4.4

This is the latest android version and it is the one that runs this android phone. This OS will automatically update any new versions in the market for the next two years. It helps your phone run faster and stay much longer.

Wi-Fi enabled and has an FM radio

This are basics and should not miss in one of the latest android phones. Users can easily share files through the Wi-Fi connectivity and at the same time tune in to their favorite radio station.

Capacitive screen of 4.5 inches and an expandable storage

The screen is very sensitive and very easy to use. One can easily type messages with easy or take down some notes without any difficulties. The storage of this phone is another great feature. It can be expanded up to 32 GB depending on one’s need.

Spice Dream UNO

The fact that it can automatically update version makes it a great phone. Most people don’t like the fact they buy a great phone but then in less than a year another great version comes into the market. But with this phone, new versions are automatically updated making it likable by many.

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The dual sim capability and expandable storage features make it such a great phone to have with you around. Coming in two fancy colors, the phone gives users the chance to choose between black and white.

Despite the great features of this android phone, there are some few cons that users have to be aware of. One cannot be able to take photos without the micro SD card inside. This does not make any sense considering the large storage space inside. Photos do not occupy much space and users should be able to take photos without the need of an SD micro SD card.

The Spice Dream UNO is another great phone from Google and this shows Google’s ability to produce great phones considering they are the ones who produced the Google Nexus 7. The phone comes with great dream care assistance from the manufactures and one can get a free face change within six months of buying the phone.

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    Very good details with nice pics. I have booked Spice Dream Uno.
    would like to know suitable class of micro SD card for spice dream uno.


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