Sophos Antivirus Free Download (Direct Download Link)

By | June 30, 2015

Sophos Antivirus Introduction

Sophos Antivirus Free Download – Sophos is a good antivirus software which was created to detect any possible threats from the computer and to remove them. Sophos Antivirus Free Download It comes at no cost and it is a great choice for the regular home user. The version is based on the same technology that Sophos uses for the Endpoint Security so it is reliable enough though it doesn’t involve any extra costs. Sophos works both to protect your own computer, but also to protect the security of the other users when you share various files.

Click here to download Sophos Antivirus

After click on above link, you’ll get the form of download, fill the your detail and submit the form to get the download link. Sophos FREE antivirus downloadsophos FREE antivirus download


Sophos Antivirus Experience

The interface is comprehensive and easy-to-use even if you are not tech savvy. This antivirus doesn’t pose any particularities when it comes to installation or uninstallation either. It doesn’t need to be configured or customized. Just download it, click  on run and install it on your desktop for easy access. You can start scanning right away if you suspect that malicious files might have entered the system or just to make sure that everything is clean. Sophos runs nicely even on computers with inferior processors as it doesn’t take up too much resources.

Sophos Antivirus Scanning Options

The scanning alternatives are flexible. Sophos can perform custom scans for certain drives, folders or drives or full scans of the system. You can scan fast only what interests you most or to perform a thorough scan of the whole operating system. It screens the computer for any known trojans, malware and viruses.

You have the option to delete the infected files or to send them to quarantine. All the suspicious files will be initially sent to quarantine. The database is constantly updated with the newest threats so the system won’t be endangered by the most recent malware. It is automatically updated so you won’t have to spend time manually installing updates.

You can choose to enable on-access scans, which will allow Sophos to detect any threat as soon as you open the file. It can also be used for archives.

Sophos features an enhanced online protection. All the websites will be properly scanned before they could inflict any harm to your privacy and overall security. Sophos also checks for dormant malware that can easily be sent through shared files.

Sophos is clearly the type of software that should exist on each home user’s computer. Take advantage of the opportunity to download it for free and to protect your online activity at any given time. It doesn’t only work nicely for students and inexperienced users, but for anyone who wants to stay safe. Sophos Antivirus Free Download is an opportunity that no user should miss.

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