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By | December 13, 2014

Kingsoft FREE antivirus is one of the cutting edge antivirus software programs of this century. Unlike the many viruses that are expensive, obtrusive or heavyweight, the Kingsoft Antivirus Download is lightweight, unobtrusive and better still, you can download it for free from the internet. When you install this antivirus into your computer, you will not be bugged or bothered with desktop notifications and warning messages. The antivirus runs silently in the background.

Download: Kingsoft antivirus Download


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Product capability

The Kingsoft Antivirus has the following capabilities:

  1. Protection- The antivirus can protect against viruses, Trojan horses, worms and malware programs. It comes with an antimalware which scans all malware from web and emails ensuring that no malicious programs gains access into your computer. You can visit this website to see the types of malware programs that this antivirus can guard you against.
  2. Performance- Unlike in the many heavy weight antivirus programs which slows down computer performances, the Kingsoft Antivirus affects the computer speed to a minimal way.
  3. Usability- On the usability scale, the Kingsoft Antivirus does not give false detections and false warnings as often as it is witnessed with the other antivirus programs.

Product main features

The following are the main features that come with the Kingsoft Antivirus program:

  1. Virus scan- The antivirus offers 4 different types of scans; custom scan, quick scan, USB Drive scan and full scan.
  2. Real-time defenses against viruses and malwares
  • Active cloud security defense that keeps your computer safe from any intrusions.
  1. Internet explorer firewall- t antivirus blocks all suspicious interference caused by malware protecting your browsers from attacks launched by browser hijackers and also protects against phishing attacks.
  2. Hacker-proof- The antivirus protects the system against hackers and blocks remote control and malicious scans.

Product Download Information

You can download Kingsoft antivirus download for free by clicking here. This product is easy to download and any normal computer user can download it and install into his or her computer without much of a hustle.

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