How to Remove Gilda Toolbar through Adwcleaner

By | October 20, 2014

Gilda toolbar is an unwanted adware that installs into your computer when you download free software from the internet. Originally, this adware was designed to act as a platform that helps people make money online. The toolbar installs readily onto leading browsers that include Google chrome, Internet explorer and Mozilla Firefox. To the unsuspecting internet user, the adware can be mistaken to be another normal add-on or extension. Sadly, this adware is a serious malware and can compromise your online security big time. This article will outline the symptoms and effect of this malware’s presence in your computer and recommend ways in which you can remove it or prevent it from coming into your PC in the first place.

Gilda toolbar is not just any normal malware; this adware is used by cyber criminals to make money online. The toolbar can install itself as a plugin or addon depending on your browser You should be careful when you realize that your browsers are behaving funny. One of the clearest indications that the toolbar has installed itself on your PC is when you discover that your default home page and search engine have been changed without your permission. Gilda uses as its official web search. This extension will redirect your search queries giving results that are inaccurate.

Once the toolbar gets installed into your browsers, it goes ahead to change the settings of your browsers to fit its needs. The danger of keeping this toolbar lies in the fact that the toolbar collects your personal information and makes them available to people that are not supposed to access your information. If this information falls on wrong hands, you can get your online banking and email accounts hacked causing you some serious losses. It is highly recommended that you uninstall this adware from your computer as soon as you spot it.

Moreover, the Gilda toolbar can cause annoyance for internet surfers. This annoyance stems from the fact that the toolbar often opens multiple popup windows that are completely unrelated to your search query. Most of these popup windows carry some sort of offers or ads that seek to entice you to purchase a product, win a free trip, win a Smartphone or something along that line. Clicking on any of these popup windows will direct you to a page requiring that you complete a challenge which ultimately closes with requesting for your mobile phone number or email address. Unknown to you, you will have subscribed to some premier service and your email added to some mailing list of sorts. Blocking the popup windows is a temporary measure and it will not give you a lasting solution instead you should work on how to remove the malware once and for all.

As stated above, this bothersome malware comes into your PC through free downloads. Prevention is often important. You can prevent the installation of this malware in your system by activating the option for your browser to alert you when a new program is trying to change the default search engine. Of course it is impractical to keep off from downloading free software from the internet. However, caution is advised when downloading such stuff from the internet. Be careful not to install free software that has Gild browser as part of it. If you discover that the toolbar has been installed on your PC, no need to panic. Find your way to the control panel and uninstall it. It is as simple as that. You have no reason to entertain this malware in your PC any longer.

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