How to Downgrade Internet Explorer 9 to 8 in Windows 7

By | June 25, 2013

How to Downgrade Internet Explorer 9 to 8 in Windows 7


Here you will get the step-by-step guide how to downgrade internet explorer 9 to 8, this is very simple method, please follow the below instructions to uninstall the internet explorer 9 and then restart the computer after that computer will be restated and you will get IE8 automatically installed into your computer which is a default browser of windows 7. Rollback internet explorer, uninstall internet explorer. Uninstall Internet explorer 9, then it will automatic set IE8, Uninstall / Downgrade IE 10 to IE9.

Method 1

  1. Click on start and then click on control panel then choose programs and feature (in windows 7)
    For windows xp –> start –> control panel –>> add & remove programs
  2. Then a window you will appear which are listed all installed programs, please look on the left sidebar you will get there “View installed updates”(for win 7), for windows XP click on “show updates” click on that (or check mark  on that for XP), and then find and uninstall the “internet explorer 9” right click on that and choose uninstall option.
  3. After finished the uninstallation process, itself asking for restart the computer, so please do restart once
  4. After restart you will get the older version of internet explorer (if you uninstalled Internet explorer 9 then after restart you will get Internet explorer 8).

More info

Downgrading Internet Explorer from Nine to 8 is a feature “hidden” through view in Windows Seven. Since there isn’t a download readily available for Internet Explorer 8 in Home windows 7, the only way to revert back again is through the “View Installed Updates” menus inside Control Panel -> Programs.
I needed to revert back to IE8 since all of us still have a number of users along with Windows XP (which only operates in IE8)You can remove Internet explorer 9 and install IE8 using the subsequent steps.

Once Ie 9 has been uninstalled out of your system, the computer will require the reboot. After rebooting, your pc should now revert to Internet Explorer 8.
To eliminate IE8 or IE9 in Home windows 7, go to Control Panel -> Applications. Click on the “Turn on Windows Functions on or off” link. Uncheck Ie 9 (or Internet Explorer Eight). The system will then act as in the event that Internet Explorer is no longer installed. You are able to re-enable it via a simple checkbox.

I haven’t found a system exactly where I couldn’t downgrade IE9 to eight, but based on your situation, an alternate might be to install XP Setting (a virtual PC). XP Setting includes a fully functional Windows XP desktop computer and running IE6. You should be in a position to upgrade that browser in order to IE8. With XP Mode’s published programs, you can launch IE8 as an software on your Windows 7 desktop with out first launching the Experience desktop. It’s a lot more function than just downgrading IE9 around the host OS (so I would recommend you pursue just about all available options there first), however it will actually allow you to run several instances/versions of IE on the same device.

When you’ve installed IE10 Launch Preview in Home windows 7 but don’t enjoy it and wants to downgrade in order to IE9 or IE8 prior version, you can do that through uninstalling IE10 from Home windows 7. Since Ms offered only launch Preview version of Ie 10 that’s why to check it once you may have installed it and when you want to get back to Internet explorer 9 0r IE8 browser version you’re utilizing earlier in Home windows 7 -some call it because downgrade from IE10 in order to IE8 or IE9- then stick to the steps mentioned beneath.

IE10 installed as an revise rather as a plan. You should know that IE10 is going to be installed as an revise, that’s why it doesn’t seems in the installed applications list shown through Programs and Features rather it appears in “Installed Updates” checklist.

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