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By | January 19, 2015

Zillya Antivirus Free Download: Why would you pay for an antivirus when you can get a good one for free? And by saying good, we mean an antivirus program that includes basic features such as automatic scan and email protection. That’s what Zillya Antivirus can do, and here’s more information about it.

Zillya Antivirus Free Download

Download: Zillya Antivirus for Free

zillya.com free edition antivirus

Official Website: http://zillya.com/

Download the Zillya Antivirus installer, then run it. All the instructions will be given to you. Once you’re done, the program will prompt you to restart your PC (when the installing process is complete). This is all you have to do when you want to get Zillya protecting your PC.

Zillya Antivirus Free Download Overview

Before you can ever think of downloading this program, you need to know more than just having an assurance that it protects your PC against all sorts of malicious files and viruses.

Well, there are 3 protection components in this antivirus program. Patrol is the first component that automatically scans your system to alert you in case of malicious files in your computer. The second and third components are known as mail protection and USB respectively. Mail protection will give you maximum protection from mails that look suspicious of viruses or malware. On the other hand, USB protection will offer protection against infected USB plugged into your computer.

Zillya Antivirus Features

There are different types of scan functionality to help you scan and protect your computer holistically. We’re talking of a task manager tool, a scheduler and a start-up tool you can use every time you want to scan the system.

You should be familiar with the following buttons on the program’s interface

  • Scan: This button gives you the ability to scan part or the whole of your PC to detect if threats are present.

    Threats: You can view a complete list of active threats on your PC. You can also view quarantined files, or even manage a list of tasks.

  • Tools: With this feature, you can choose emails you want to scan, enable or disable patrol, access the start-up manager or the task manager. You can also manipulate the scheduler as per your needs.
  • Settings: This button lets you play with several settings that are responsible for governing how the program runs in your PC.
  • Updates: You can check if there are new updates of the program.
  • Support: Unfortunately, you have to sign up for the premium package to enjoy decent support.

This program is available in both free and paid versions. However, the free version doesn’t automatically scan your system. You have to manually run it.

Zillya antivirus FREE has diversified the number of scans it can perform on your PC. It’s easy to use, plus the publisher has even ensured that the user interface is east to understand and operate. The program is available for download even now.

Click on above download link to download Zillya Antivirus for Free. It is one of FREE antivirus tool which gives you full of security for PC. There is two more edition are available of zillya security (1) Zillya Antivirus (paid version) there should be some features difference. And (2) Zillya Internet Security (there must be some features difference from antivirus). Some web security included with that.

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