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By | December 17, 2014

Stopzilla Free Antivirus Download

The Stopzilla Free Antivirus is a very important security product that can be used to keep your computer safe from online and offline threats. This antivirus has one of the most extensive malware and virus database in the whole industry. Stopzilla Free Antivirus Download. Stopzilla Free Antivirus performs deeper scans and roots out malware and virus hidden in places that other security products cannot access. Further, this free antivirus identifies and eliminates serious computer threats that most security products fail to detect. The Stopzilla Free Antivirus received a commendation from the West Coast Labs which gave it a rating of 100% detection rate.

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Stopzilla Free Antivirus is based on a flexible AVM Technology which ensures that your computer is safeguarded from all online threats. The antivirus has the capacity of using its dual engine technology to configure itself into either shared protection or full protection mode. Stopzilla Free Antivirus works in collaboration with other security solutions to ensure that you have the best antivirus for your PC.

Product capabilities

The Stopzilla Free Antivirus has the following capabilities

  1. Usability– the Stopzilla Free Antivirus scores highly on the usability scale. It does not give false warnings and detections seen in mist free antivirus programs.
  2. Protection– the Stopzilla Free Antivirus protects against malware, antivirus and spyware. All worms, Trojan horses and malware programs are kept at bay. This antivirus performs deep and full scans needed to eliminate all malware that might have accessed your system accidentally. Further, the antivirus also protects your PC from hackers and phishing attacks. Your personal data and identity is protected making sure that you surf the internet in a secured environment.
  3. Performance– This free spyware has features that make it lighter than most antivirus programs. The antivirus does not slow down your computer’s performance. Matter of fact, it helps in detecting malware and spyware programs which are notorious for slowing down your computer.
  4. Compatibility– the Stopzilla Free Antivirus is compatible with most Operating systems and can be used in combination with other major antivirus programs to ensure that your computer is fully protected.

Product main features

This AVM program is largely security oriented and all of its features are tailored to ensure that the program operates maximally to provide computer users with the best protection available. These are the features found in the program:

  • AVM Technology– this technology helps increase detection time and reduces the burden or load placed on the system’s resources. This ensures that the startups and scans are implemented in record speed.
  • Secure Online Surfing– the antivirus offers web-surfing protection to ensure that all bad scripts and malware originating from suspicious sources are blocked. Further, the reliable sandbox ensures that your online credentials are kept safe from hackers.
  • Real Time Protection– Stopzilla Free Antivirus adheres to the principle of “protection is better than cure and it ensures that your computer system is kept safe at all times. The system is designed in such a way that any incoming threat is detected and blocked from gaining access into your computer.
  • Product Download Information

You can access Stopzilla Free Antivirus Download by clicking this link. The product is easily downloadable and can be installed without much of a problem.

Download: http://stopzilla.com/downloads/download-stopzilla-antivirus/

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