(Download) Quick Heal 2014 Antivirus / Total Security Download

By | September 2, 2014

Download Quick Heal 2014 Antivirus Download

(Download) Quick Heal 2014 Antivirus / Total Security Download

The quick Heal Technologies Ltd is usually a computer security software company that is based in India. With its headquarters based in Pune Maharashtra, I was primarily started as a simple service centre for computers in the year 1993.Today is rated as one of the leading and dedicated security technology companies in the world.

q1Download Quick Heal 2014 Antivirus

  • Platforms: Windows 2000/Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/windows 8/ Windows 8.1
  • System Type: 32-bit or 64-bit of Desktop Operating System

Direct download link: http://download.quickheal.com/builds/2014/eval/is/QHISFT.EXE

Quick Heal Website: http://quickheal.com


Since launching it first ant-virus in the year 1992 called Quick Heal 2014 antivirus for Dos, Quick Heal 2014 has brought quite a number of one of the most reputable products in the market. The company’s products are divided into two major classes. We have the Home User Products Class and the Enterprise Product Class.

We are all aware of the bigger names in the anti-virus world at the moment. Companies like Norton and McAfee have made millions from selling their wares to PC owners and protecting them from the more malicious corners of the internet. Even AVG has slowly built a reputation as being a great bit of software.

However they aren’t the only players in town. Quick Heal 2014 is fast becoming a well-respected name in the computer security industry and its particular brand of cost-effective and high quality anti-virus software may well be what you are looking for if you don’t want the system drain inherent with the bigger brands.

Quick Heal prides itself on offering services to as many users as possible, so you can pick up software to protect everything from PCs and Macs right through to smartphones and servers. Definitely worth a look if you aren’t looking to spend a lot of money but still need an effective piece of software.

Version updates of the Quick Heal Antivirus:

  • Quick Heal 2014
  • Quick Heal 2013
  • Quick Heal 2012
  • Quick Heal 2011 and 2010
  • Quick Heal Total Security
  • Quick Heal Internet Security
  • Quick Heal AntiVirus Pro
  • Quick Heal Total Security for Mac
  • Quick Heal PCTuner 3.0
  • Quick Heal Tablet Security for Android
  • Quick Heal Total Security for Android
  • Quick Heal Mobile Security
  • Quick Heal Endpoint Security 5.3
  • Quick Heal AntiVirus for Server
  • Quick Heal Terminator (UTM)
  • Quick Heal Exchange Protection 4
  • Quick Heal Exchange Protection For Exchange 2007/2010
  • Quick Heal Mail Protection for Linux
  • Quick Heal Mail Protection for Windows
  • Quick Heal Exchange Protection For Exchange 2000/2003
  • Quick Heal for Linux

Home User Products

There are quite a number of products that fall under the class of home user products.

A: Quick Heal Total Security.

This is usually a comprehensive antivirus protection that has a parental control with privacy and data protection. With Quick heal total security the user should expect an Advanced DNA scan protection that will give them the assurance against virus protection by running scan for any suspicious program that may be on your PC. The product will give you r PC faster performance with an inbuilt PC Tuner facility.

B: Quick Heal Antivirus Pro.

The product is usually smart, light and effective. It offers the user a friendly interface and protection technology that ensures that there is complete security without slowing down on the system. With this product the user should expect;

  1. Real time cloud security that is effective in restricting access to websites that are infected by malware.
  2. Your inbox is protected from receiving infected emails.
  3. You PC performance will be incredible with uninterrupted usage and no prompts when viewing.

C. Quick Heal Antivirus server.

This is a home user product that has optimized antivirus scanning. It requires low resources and has a technology that is strong. If you want a high duty performer this is the real deal with its speed that is exceptional and a robust web security. It is good for antivirus protection for large servers especially for corporates. It acts by;

1 Detecting any viruses before the system gets infected.
2 Blocks the transfer of data between external drives and the server.
3It filters all spam by identifying and separating junk and unwanted mails.

Download Quick Heal 2014 Antivirus

Enterprise Products

A: Quick Heal Terminator.

The terminator provides the users computer and network security with a connectivity that is completely uninterrupted. The product has;

  1. A power-packed gateway security solution that is responsible for guarding the users network against nay threats that may be emerging.
  2. Full integrated multilayer network security that helps boost productivity and efficiency of a network.

 B: Quick Heal 2014 Antivirus Endpoint Security.

The product manages Endpoint Security for Complex networks in simple ways. It protects and prevents any malicious threats that may be from entering endpoints. It is usually integrated to secure applications and all data of an organization and available in total as well as business flavors.

Quick Heal Mobile Security.


C: Quick Heal 2014 Mail Protection For Linux.

The quick heal Linux is an effective spam filter that removes all the unwanted emails before they can reach the mail server. It virtually prevents all malicious codes from entering and also spreading across the network.

Some of the other enterprise and home user products include; Quick Heal Exchange protection, Mail protection for windows, quick Heal PC Tuner and Quick Heal Total Security for Mac.

Download Quick Heal 2014 Antivirus

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