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By | December 15, 2014

Panda FREE Antivirus is a lightweight antivirus program launched in 2009 to help take care of the computer systems without using too much resources or producing the several nagging pop ups. Panda Free Antivirus Download. This is the first free cloud based antivirus offering top class protection to computers without affecting the performance of the computer. Computer technologies have greatly evolved over the past few years and almost all securities use cloud based systems to detect any threats to a computer. Since the initial development, there have been several improvements on Panda Cloud Antivirus allowing it to detect any newly developed malware. It has helped protect millions of users around the world and there is a need for users to download it if they want their systems to remain safe and protected at all times.

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Download: Panda Free Antivirus Download

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Advantages of Panda Cloud Antivirus

Offers maximum protection

The program is capable of offering maximum protection for your PC protecting it from all the latest viruses. The program uses what is called a protective intelligence and users don’t have to keep on updating it from time to time to for it to work effectively. The program scans your computer files and detects any harmful files deleting them completely. It then keeps watch for any other harmful files that might get its way into your computer notifying you early enough before such programs gain entry.

Easy to install and easy

This is one program that does not need an internet guru to be installed and used. It is very simple to download and install and anybody can do it with ease.

Very light

When compared to traditional antiviruses, this antivirus is very light and does not occupy much space in your computer. Actually, it does work in your cloud and not your PC

No nagging messages

The program does not offer any nagging messages or pop ups like most traditional antivirus.

How does it work

The trick with this program is that it works on the cloud computing meaning it is partially installed on your computer. This is the reason why it does not occupy too much space like most antivirus programs. The programs work on the main files on server, keeping them dedicated in the internet.

Download and installation

Users can easily download this program by clicking on the download link and saving the files containing the antivirus into their computer system. One can also opt to save the antivirus files into an external hard disk and then install it later. The installation process does not take much time as the file containing it is very light. Actually the process should take a very few minutes.

Once the Panda antivirus has been downloaded, users can easily install it like most other programs. The program is installed by clicking on the ‘.exe’ format which decompresses the file and install the antivirus directly. Users can also install it by directly clicking on ‘run’ once they have opened this file and the antivirus will install directly. This program does not auto scan files, it gives users the ability to decide when they want their files scanned so one can scan all the files once they have fully installed the antivirus. The program is compatible with all operating systems and users should not have any worries installing it.

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