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By | December 24, 2014

NANO Antivirus FREE Download: For some reasons, a PC owner might choose a NANO antivirus program as opposed to the others. Not that this PC security software is way better than the others, but because they might have liked its user interface, functionality, efficiency and speed capabilities.

Well, before you search the terms NANO antivirus download, you must read the following points because they will help you know what you’re about to download.


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NANO Antivirus Overview

Definitely it’s a security tool used in conjunction with a PC to protect you from viruses or malware that might have installed into your computer when you’re not aware.

Just like a normal antivirus software would do, this program will continuously scan your system with its usual features to ensure that it’s free from any harmful element.

The main feature of this antivirus worth mentioning is the fact that it’s been designed to improve its own speed and performance with every new patch. We could consider this as the main focus, though not the only one since it aims at detecting the largest number of viruses and malware wrecking havoc on your PC.

Do not attempt to confuse it with other imitation applications known as rogue antiviruses. They wouldn’t offer you the protection you crave for.

Even though the NANO Antivirus was designed with high speed capabilities in mind, the beta version is considered average in speed – though really improved in terms of performance with every new patch and version the developer releases.

What This Software Does Best

The moment you download it, you’ll realize that it has lots of features, similar to that of its competitors, and working just fine. We’re talking of the system layout, the controls, or even the system tray icon.

The scan it performs on a PC is very comprehensive, so it might take it an hour to check all PC components and ensure they are free from viruses and malware.

It may also take an hour to perform an entire scan since it checks the initial RAM and also minor threats affecting your computer. This is something that other antivirus programs overlook – they don’t check minor threats, which is why they scan in a fraction of a second, so you end up getting a raw deal.

Breakdown of Features you Should Expect

  • It protects your PC against trojans, viruses, and all types of worms (whether encrypted or polymorphous)
  • It supports compacted files, i.e. it can scan different types of files
  • It offers real time PC scanning
  • Option for quick scan available
  • It offers comprehensive scanning, leaving no stone unturned
  • It offers the choice of deciding what to do with a file, i.e. delete it, cure it, quarantine it etc
  • You can check a number of file extensions, including .ocx, .dll, .exe, .scr, and so forth

NANO Antivirus Download System Requirements

It’s recommended that you have Windows XP service pack 2, at least 521GB RAM with processor speed of at least 1.2GHz or faster. Lastly, you should have access to administrator privileges to successfully download and run it.

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