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By | March 25, 2015

Namo Antivirus FREE Download for Free. There are a large number of antivirus software packages around, so which one should you pick? The answer is simple: one which is fast, effective, reliable, and free from large commercial interests. Innovazion’s Namo Antivirus FREE Download for PCs running Microsoft Windows has all these qualities and more! Download Namo FREE Antivirus and protect your computer online.

Where we can download Namo Antivirus?

Click on the link to download Namo Antivirus: Download Namo Antivirus for Free


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As its name implies, you can download Namo FREE Antivirus without paying any sort of charge. Simply follow our easy, step by step instructions, and you will be well on your way to benefiting from the most effective and flexible free antivirus solution available!

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Direct link to download Namo Antivirus:


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Official Website of Namo Antivirus:


What is Namo Antivirus?

Named in honour of Mr. Narendra Modi, a former Prime Minister of India, this software has quickly become known as one of the most effective ways to stop malware, including adware, in its tracks. It offers a winning combination of being easy to use while still providing extremely powerful protection against external threats. It does not get in the way of legitimate browsing, and it will not slow down your computer. In fact, because it helps you to keep your computer clean, you will actually find that it will run much faster than an infected machine!

Namo Antivirus Features

Namo AV has been designed to give you the complete package. You don’t only get a single type of scanning, for example – you can select exactly when and how you want the scan process to operate. Naturally, the package also includes highly intelligent scanning in real time, meaning that you will be alerted at once if Namo detects any online threats. You will then be able to decide what to do about them, using the information that Namo will give you. In particular, there is the option to use the “quarantine” option, which places suspicious files in a segregated area. This lets you inspect them and work out what they are without them being able to do any damage in the meantime.

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Why is antivirus software necessary?

In today’s world, there is an ever increasing number of threats to the security and safety of your computer. Whether it comes from malicious code such as viruses and trojans, annoying adware like browser hijackers, or simply unwanted toolbar extensions that are installed without your permission, the range of problems is just too wide to keep track of manually. Namo Antivirus FREE Download Using a quality antivirus program will give you the peace of mind you need when using the Internet, whether for business or for leisure purposes

The short answer is yes! Namo AV has been designed from the ground up to be user-friendly. You will not find any of the confusing options that some other antivirus programs provide. The interface is friendly and easily understandable, and is based around several large buttons at the base of the application screen. You can use these green buttons to check the time and results of your most recent scans, how up to date your protection is, and read about any threats that have been detected. You will also be able to set up special options to protect your removable drives or manage exclusion lists.

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