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By | February 3, 2015

Download Kompas Antivirus FREE Download

All computers connected to the Internet run the risk of being infected with a computer virus. A virus is a malicious computer program which can make it difficult to use the computer, it can also put your personal information and private details at risk. An anti virus application is your first line of defense against such threats. These virus scanners will search your computer, automatically diagnosing and dealing with viruses for you. There’s no excuse not to have a virus scanner on your PC or laptop, especially since you can now get great software for free. Kompas Antivirus Download for FREE is very easy to find and is a fully featured and very powerful virus scanner.


Finding Kompas Antivirus for Free

Whenever you download anything for free on the Internet it is very easy to forget the potential danger you are opening. Only ever download applications and files downloaded from trustworthy sites which scan the download for viruses. There’s nothing worse than trying to install a virus scanner and then discovering that you have infected yourself with a virus at the same time.

Kompas Antivirus can be downloaded safely from major download sites and the direct site. Don’t just search in Google for it because that may be infected.

Finding Kompas Antivirus for Free Download Link

Download: Click here to download Kompas Antivirus for Free

Kompas Features

  • Small File Size- Can be carried on a USB Drive
  • Detects and removes viruses and malware on hard drives and removable media
  • Virus definitions updated regularly

As new viruses are released all the time, it’s important to choose a virus scanner which is updated regularly. The virus definitions of Kompas Antivirus are updated whenever there is a new major threat. This should make it possible for the software to identify and deal with all infections as quickly as possible.

The main difference between Kompas Antivirus and other virus scanners is that this is a very small and streamlined piece of software. It doesn’t even need to be installed in the same way as other applications. Instead this can be loaded onto a USB thumb drive and carried around with you. This gives the user the added benefit of being able to scan any computer they are using at that time.

The virus scanner from Kompas also features start up protection. This sits on your computer and will look out for any registry changes. If any changes are detected then this will alert you to either accept or reject the registry changes. This should keep your computer running smoothly and quickly.

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