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By | December 22, 2014

PC users across the globe now have a reason to smile, especially now that there’s a free antivirus on offer, known as the EAV Antivirus Suite Free Edition Download. However, just because it’s a free antivirus program, most people will think that free is cheap, and that most crucial features of a good antivirus program will be obviously lacking.

Well, this is a free antivirus program, surprisingly with more features you’d never imagine. Here’s an overview of the features you should expect to find with EAV Antivirus Suite Free Edition:

Download: EAV Antivirus Free Edition Download (Free Antivirus)

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Virus Detection

Once installed, the EAV antivirus suite free version will scan your PC for signs of spyware, trojans, adware programs, keyloggers, spy bots, cookies, browser hijackers, and plenty of other unknown viruses that wreck havoc on your computer.

ARP Attack Prevention

ARP is the short form for Address Resolution Protocol, and is often the standard for establishing a MAC address when only its IP is known. You see, ARP attacks or cheats may occur through modified IP or MAC addresses, and this presents an extremely difficult challenge for data to be transferred normally.

Now there are two ways in which these attacks would occur. This may involve the cheating computers or the cheating router. And obviously the two attacks may occur simultaneously.

So in the event that this attack occurs, information between routers and computers will be sent to the wrong MAC address, thus connection can’t establish normally. Consequently, this will result in a breach of data security, which is very dangerous, both at individual level and corporate levels.

Apparently, this EAV Antivirus Suite comes with a special feature to deter ARP cheats from occurring, and it’s free.

Recover Damages Caused by Active X Virus or Java script (Internet Explorer)

These damages are usually costly, and irretrievable with most free antiviruses in the market. However, this antivirus suite offers a feature that helps you sort out such damages.

Furthermore, this program comes with features that help with anti-hacker settings on windows. This means that a user can always input passwords in order to protect their system from trojans that may attempt to infiltrate the network.

The Update

Lately, there’s a new update of the virus definition, which has been added to the suite. The update is known as the W32.Changeup, and this feature only helps to offer even better protection than the previous system.

Other Things Worth Noting

The free version of this antivirus program is available for download over the web. As we speak, it has hit 240,000 downloads, and still counting. Users can run it on various windows versions such as Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista and windows 7.

The advantage of this program is that it has the capability of scanning all local files and eliminating spy bots, cookies, hackers and so forth. What’s more, it clears up any spyware system-linked files as well as registry files.

You can download this software from a number of sites online. However, should you encounter a technical problem while downloading, you should contact the publisher or developer. Lastly, this software compares with other top notch antivirus programs in the industry such as Norton Antivirus. So it’s a serious software in its own right.

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