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By | January 7, 2015

ARTAV Antivirus a legible program that will help users protect their PC and keep all files safe from any malicious programs that may infect the computer. Having a proper antivirus program in your computer will ensure all your files are kept safe at all times and any potential infection getting into your computer are kept at bay. The ARTAV Antivirus FREE Download is simple and easy to use and one does not need experience to use it. The free edition will help protect your PC with its several features which are easy to use. It has a user friendly interface making it one of the simplest antiviruses to run on your PC.

Download: ARTAV Antivirus FREE Download




This antivirus is made in a way that it is capable of updating itself of the latest features and specification meaning users do not have to miss out on anything. This antivirus application is free and users can access it in minutes. The antivirus can be downloaded by clicking on the download link and saving the file containing it in your PC. The download process is a pretty simple and should only take users few minutes. The file is very light approximately 1.1 MB which should not fill your storage capacity. Actually the whole download process should take a minute or two at most depending on the internet speed.

The ARTAV Antivirus download does not pose any problems when it comes to compatibility with the operating systems. The antivirus is compatible with all the operating systems and users don’t have to check their operating systems before they can start the download process. Users can then select the language and have the antivirus downloaded. Once the antivirus has been downloaded, users can easily install it by clicking on run or opening the file and clicking on the exe format which extracts the file, decompresses it and install it. The antivirus comes with three running modules which allow users to scan their PC within the shortest time possible.

There is a module for a full scan, custom scan and another module for removable which users can choose from depending on their needs. The full scan usually takes around ten minutes to scan all your files in a moderate computer. The custom scan on the other hand gives users the chance to scan few specific folders that the user will suspect to contain harmful programs. However, users may be forced to restart the computers when they are through with the scan but this is something common to most antiviruses.

Benefits of the ARTAV Antivirus FREE Download

  • The file is very light and will occupy very minimal space.
  • It’s free
  • It offers real time protection to your PC helping block the users from entering some malicious websites.
  • It is also simple to download, install and use and any person with basic computer knowledge can use it without any difficulties.

The antivirus application comes with several other features like the process manager, a virtual keyboard and an ad and a pop up blocker, which helps users avoid those annoying pop ups that come on pages from time to time. The ARTAV antivirus is something every person should download considering its features and it costs nothing.

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