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By | April 25, 2013

AiType Keyboard Plus Free Download

Download: AiType Keyboard Plus

The keyboard as well discovers your specific words and type of writing. Just type your texts usually and will also maintain learning. The training model is saved around the device itself and isn’t said to our Servers

Discover: though installing A.I.type Keyboard, you may be given a caution message regarding collecting delicate data. This is actually the normal general-purpose Android message released for almost any down loaded keyboard also it doesn’t relate to A.I.type. Our keyboard Doesn’t Acquire Your own Delicate Information.

Features :
Recommends the next word!
Finishes your present word!
Corrects your spelling just like you type!
Auto corrects your own typing errors whenever you strike your spacebar (context-sensitive)!
Automagically discovers your popular words and type.
Helps special themes (Windows Phone 7 theme, apple iphone 4 theme, ICS theme, big switches theme and much more).
Enables skin modification – colors, background pictures etc.

Download: AiType Keyboard Plus

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