Compare SMADAV vs Baidu FREE Antivirus (Antivirus Comparison)

By | September 23, 2014

Comparison between SMADAV vs Baidu FREE Antivirus

There are many types of antivirus software out there, but it’s crucial to distinguish the effective ones that will protect you against all the possible threats from the ones that might not be suitable for your particular needs. That’s why you should evaluate the needs of your computer and determine the level of protection that you need.

SMADAV vs Baidu FREE have features that make them quite different from one another. Baidu works best for people who use the Internet intensively as it provides an advanced web protection. It scans the system in real-time and instantly disables phishing attacks or malicious web pages. It also stops fraudulent programs from tampering with the browser and settings. SMADAV FREE was mostly created for offline use and it focuses most on protection against threats carried by USB flash drives.

Download SmadAV / Baidu Antivirus.

both antiviruses are completely FREE for forever


Baidu has been created to be the primary antivirus software and doesn’t function properly if there is another antivirus installed. SMAD AV FREE is compatible with other antivirus and can be used to enhance the security of your machine. At the moment they are both free. SMAD AV has a Pro version as well, which is a paid antivirus program that provides more functions.

Both Baidu and SMADAV FREE feature an USB Flash Drive Protection. Each USB stick that gets inserted into the computer will be scanned for Trojans and viruses. As a matter of fact, SMADAV FREE is best suited to protect computers from dangers carried by USB flash drives as it also features detection strategies for VBS and Trasher / Dorkbot on USB sticks.


On-demand scan is available for both types of antivirus software. You can choose a Quick Scan, a Full Scan or a Custom Scan in Baidu. SMADAV FREE replaces the Custom Scan with a System Area and a Deep System Area one. Baidu has the advantage of providing on-access scan as well, which will prevent viruses from entering your system in the first place. This is useful if you access the Internet on a daily basis. The scanning process is created not to affect the computer performance.

In terms of complexity, Baidu is more developed than SMADAV FREE as it involves a proactive defense which is useful at all times. It also provides the opportunity to select the Do Not Disturb feature and you can safely delete files using the File Shredder. The computer will be synchronized automatically in the special cloud security data center for all threats to be immediately eradicated.


For offline use, SMADAV FREE would be more suitable as it doesn’t need to be updated so frequently as Baidu. When SMAD AV FREE performs an on-demand scan, it will also fix registry problems in the computer. None of them features a firewall, so you’ll have to enable the firewall provided by your operating system.

Baidu is available in multiple languages such as English, Spanish, Chinese or German. SMADAV FREE works for English and Bahasa Indonesia. You’ll find all the information you need in multiple languages on the Baidu web page. The SMAD AV FREE official website is currently available only in Indonesian. They work for all versions of Windows. The size of the software is a bit over 1 MB, which makes them easy to download and install even on dial-up connections.

Download SmadAV / Baidu Antivirus.

both antiviruses are completely FREE for forever


Both applications are useful in their own way. If you’re looking for simplicity, you might want to add SMAD AV FREE to provide you the best protection for USBs and offline scans. Baidu can be trusted as the primary antivirus to keep you away from viruses, Trojans and any other malicious software that might harm your computer while you browse the Internet.




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