BullGuard Removal Tool Download

By | June 9, 2013

BullGuard Removal tool Download

For Windows xp, Windows vista, Windows 7, Windows 8

If you want to uninstall Bullguard antivirus from your computer and it won’t be uninstalled. You should be use their proper removal method use their removal tool, it is also known as bulldog anti virus. You can download BullGuard removal to uninstall Bullguard product completely. Is there any tool to remove BullGuard? Use this tool if you wish to uninstall BullGuard you will find links to the Bullguard removal tools

Download: BullGuard Removal tool


Step-by-step help guide to uninstall Bullguard yourself.

In order to remove BullGuard out of your computer yourself, this informative guide will explain how to do that

The auto uninstall method could be began through the use of either the uninstaller given within the BullGuard folder or using the Control Panel Add or Remove Program (Windows XP, 2000) and Programs and Features (Windows Vista, 7) option.
When the above solution is not working, please consider tthe beneath guideline for any manual uninstall.

In advance of going forward with uninstalling BullGuard, ensure you close and save any kind of docs. The uninstall process will need a pc restart which might result in losing any kind of unsaved info.

Please follow beneath guidance below:

1. Firstly, please download the BullGuard Uninstaller tool completely from here.

2. Right-click on the archive and unzip it’s content material inside the BullGuard installation folder (usually found in C:\Program Files\BullGuard Ltd\BullGuard) by replacing that old uninstaller exe file.

3. Double-click on the extracted file to operate it.

4. Restart the pc.

The simplest way to uninstall BullGuard is by using the uninstall process they are available in. Click on Start menu and look for your BullGuard folder inside the All Programs section. Pick the Uninstall option.

Additionally, make use of the regular Windows Add/Remove Programs feature from Control Panel. click on Windows Start menu and look for the Control Panel. The look and position of this may vary, depending on your Windows version. Then choose Add/Remove Programs.



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